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Mass media outreach using community radio for saving oral history, nature and wildlife

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(July 23, 2021) Julia Anak Jawi (left) from Rumah Galang, Kampung Menangkin, Sri Aman, shares how Mount Lingga continues to be sacred until today as the Iban deities such as Keling, Kumang and many more are still believed to watch over the mountain and Jampi Anak Ngumpang from Rumah Edward Mamut, Kampung Langgir, Sri Aman, tells of how his late father shared a story of a sickly young man married a charming young maiden who turned out to be a ’Bunsu Mayas’ (orang-utan). This story was told by my...


Sixteen local communities take part in conserving folklore, taboos and legends

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(July 23, 2021) The book ‘Wildlife Tales and Iban Myths from Sabal and Gunung Lesong’ (left) and ‘Jerita Jelu Siga Enggau Pengidup Bansa Iban’ (right) consists of 23 stories linking Iban beliefs and culture with wildlife and sacred places.Sixteen storytellers from the Sedilu-Sebuyau and Simunjan area took part in an effort to collect folklore on orang-utan, wildlife, taboos and local history to record the oral traditions of these communities and to increase appreciation among the general...


Conserving Asian Elephants in the Endau-Rompin Landscape (ERL), Malaysia

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(April 15, 2021) Elephants in ERL are threatened due to multiple factors, including the loss of core forest habitat and essential lowland areas which provide food resources. Human development has displaced elephants and created conflict in agricultural areas, and caused deaths of elephants and people through road collisions. Even within forested areas elephants are subject to hunting and the risk of death or injury from traps and snares. Image 1. Elephant signs observed via surveys or camera traps in the la...


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